MWR Reader


An app that will read any text out loud



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MWS Reader is a program capable of turning any text into speech. All you have to do is paste your text into the program's main menu, or select it directly from the document or webpage it's located on.

The program can read any kind of document or email in one of three different default voices: one German, and two English, which means that you can ask it to read texts written in German or English. You can also download additional voices from the program if you need them, including Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Russian.

MWS Reader will also automatically detect text written in a photograph, scanned image, eBook, or protected PDF file, which could save you tons of time if you need to manually copy text from an image or uneditable file.

Another feature included in the app lets you record the audio output on your computer. You can then save it, send it, and play it anywhere.

Finally, the tool can be personalized with any one of 24 different skins.

You can launch the trial version a maximum of 15 times.

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